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Originally posted by park-jimizzle

- BW

Do you like ketchup with your pizza?

No, anonkins, I most certainly do not 


- Devi XD

MASTERLIST (PART 2/2) [back-up]



Enemies: Part One | Part Two 
A Typical Freshman’s Christmas 
Working Out (smut) 
Masturbating w/ V (mild smut) 
What’s Done is Done (smut) 
Blood & Tears 
The Most Dangerous Game 
Control (smut) 
Don’t Be Scared (smut) 
A Special Night (smut)&n bsp;
Nothing Is Forever w/ Suga  
Dance For Me (smut) 
Past Midnight (smut) 
Doctor AU w/ Jin 
Strip (smut) 
Wet The Bed (smut) 
Remnants & Remedies 
Late Night Visits 
The Killer 
Cursed by a Cat w/ Jungkook & V 
Did You Think This Through? w/ Suga 
Deus Ex Machina w/ Suga  
Rain (smut) 
Favors + Guilt (smut) 
Fairy! Yoonmin AU 
The Disaster w/ Jin 
Because You’re With Me (smut) 
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jungkook
4 Gold Coins For Your Trust w/ Suga< br />Good Impressions
Christmas Kiss
Imperfect Perfection 
A Deal With Death 
Dry Series; Jimin (smut)
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jungkook (pt 2)
Students by Day, Slyaers by Night w/ Jungkook (pt 3)
Love in Between w/ Jungkook 
Something New (smut)
Fatal Attraction
Dinner For Three w/ V (smut)
Bets & Regrets (smut)
Prevarication (smut)
Resignation w/ Jungkook
We Shouldn’t… (smut)
Drown Me
virtual days
When I Think About You…

Dry Series; Taehyung (smut) 
Forgetting Your Birthday 
Massages and Love Making (smut) 
Becoming a Father 
Mutual Love and Shy Confession 
Small Kisses 
Liquid Passion (smut) 
Threesome w/ Suga (smut) 
Masturbating w/ Jimin (mild smut) 
Hands, Stars, Flowers 
Dirty Talking (smut) 
Hormone War 
Over (smut) 
At The Airport w/ Jungkook 
Not Her 
Too Old For Sesame Street 
It’s Okay. It’s Not Real. 
The Tease (smut) 
A Confession 
Not Her (pt.2) 
I didn’t do it! I swear! w/ Jungkook 
Something Precious 
Just One Bite (smut) 
Shock w/ Jungkook 
A Late Night 
Ideal Girl AU 
An Attempt 
It’s The Thought That Counts w/ Jin 
Five More Minutes w/ Jungkook 
Ideal Boy AU 
Like a Mother 
An Unplanned Confession& nbsp;
Where Did You Come From? 
Revenge & Lazy Mornings 
Cursed by a Cat w/ Jimin & Jungkook 
Every Damned Time (smut) 
You Started This (smut) 
The Dreaded Interview 
It Was an Accident w/ J-Hope 
A Splendid Failure 
The Goddamned Street Performer w/ Jungkook 
Body Shots (smut) 
Pink-haired Snow White
The Night Class
Christmas Surprise
I Hate This Part Right Here (smut)
First Time Making Out
I’ll Make You Feel Beautiful (smut)
Love Is Not Over (smut)
Comfortable Discomfort
Watc h Us w/ J-Hope (smut)
It Doesn’t Matter: Part 1 | Part 2
Dinner For Three w/ Jimin (smut)

Beach Date 
Approaching You For The First Time 
First Kiss 
Swim Meet (*EDIT: I can’t find a link for this) 
Unrequited Love 
Kiss Me in the Rain 
Han River 
Dry Series; Jungkook 
At The Airport w/ V 
Pepero Kiss 
Haunted House 
Sweet Dreams (smut) 
Ideal Type: AU 
Don’t Lie 
I didn’t do it! I swear! w/ V 
Shock w/ V 
Notice Me 
Five More Minutes w/ V 
Three Damn Weeks (smut) 
Transformation (vamp!kook) 
Resistance (vamp!kook pt 2) 
Crowns & A Rose 
Quiet (smut) 
The Calm (vamp!kook pt 3) 
Desperation (vamp!kook pt 4) 
Nightmare (vamp!kook pt 5) 
Mystery (vamp!kook pt 6) 
Remember (vamp!kook pt 7) 
Maybe w/ Suga 
Cursed by a Cat w/ V & Jimin 
Crowns & a Rose&nb sp;(pt 2) 
Second Chances 
Convergence (vamp!kook pt 8) 
Memory (vamp!kook pt 9) 
Action (vamp!kook pt 10) 
Truth (vamp!kook pt 11) 
Wanders + Wonders  
I Knew This Was a Bad Idea  
Crowns & a Rose (pt 3) 
The Goddamned Street Performer w/ Taehyung 
Between Sleep and a Facetime Call
Jin’s Method (smut)
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jimin
Pondering Pine
What Would Christmas Be Like Without Y ou?
Sometimes I Wonder
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jimin (pt 2)
Students by Day, Slyaers by Night w/ Jimin (pt 3)
“and i think to myself, ‘you’re just like me.’”
Love in Between w/ Jimin 
I Didn’t Plan This w/ Jin (smut)
I Know
Your Shot
Nothing Like Us
“Pack me in your suitcase.”
To Ashes
Toes In The Sand w/ Jin
Katella Ave.

Sailor Moon and Selfies 
When Watching the Walking Dead 
Lupae Loricatae (all parts) 
Chromesthesia Drabbles 
BTS x Tokyo Ghoul (scenarios) 
Daises (business!bts) 
Boys In Love 
The Dreaded Star Topper
BTS x Hugs series
BTS x Angels series

Ask Series  
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Ideal Girl 
Ideal Girl Scenario 
Member x Trainee 3 Sentence Fics 
Ideal Boy 
Ideal Boy Scenario 

MASTERLIST (PART ½) [back-up]



I figured out Tumblr was being a problem when I was trying to make this post the first time ‘cause our masterlist is too damn long, so I split it up. WARNING: THESE POSTS ARE REALLY LONG

By Member:
Rap Monster

By OTP: 

By Admin
Avery Grey 

By Type
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Gif-Reacts | Tag 2
Three Word Prompts 
Three Sentence Fic: Tag 1Tag 2 
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“Complete The Drabble”

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Completed Scenarios: 
Dinner w/ Your Friend 
Threesome w/ Namjoon (smut) 
Dry Series; Jin (smut) 
Synesthesia (smut) 
Dominant Jin (smut) 
An Unexpected Visit (smut) 
The Past 
Doctor AU w/ Jimin 
It’s The Thought That Counts w/ V 
Worth It 
Ideal Boy AU 
The Disaster w/ Jimin 
Our Piec e of 24/7
I Didn’t Plan This w/ Jungkook (smut)
Teacher’s Pride
Bangtan’s Eighth Member
How We Met
Toes In The Sand w/ Jungkook

S uga  
Post Argument (smut) 
Dry Series; Suga (smut) 
Mr. Jelly Belly 
Body Switch 
Threesome w/ Tae (smut) 
Jealousy w/ Jimin 
Shower < /a>(smut) 
Ideal Type AU 
Shopping for Baby Clothes 
Colors: Part One | Part Two 
Yoongi’s Tongue (smut) 
Work Song 
A Night Off (smut) 
All To Ourselves 
I Hate Your Job (w/ J-Hope) (smut) 
Don’t Think (smut) 
Black Hair (smut) 
yoongi drabbles: 1.0: a gaze2.0: a touch3.0: a class4.0: a word5.0: a visit6.0: a kiss7.0: a night8.0: a wound9.0 a life10.0: a tear 
Just Do (smut) 
What Did You Call Me? (smut) 
The Void 
Nothing Is Forever w/ Jimin 
The Evillest Hyung 
The First: Part 1, Part 2 (smut) 
Seven Minutes (smut) 
Sure You Can 
Ideal Boy AU 
First Kiss 
Maybe w/ Jungkook 
Silent Treatment 
Welcome Home 
You Do 
Red Stained 
Did You Think This Through? w/ Jimin 
Deus Ex Machina w/ Jimin 
(1) Diphylleia Grayi 
Your Eyes (smut) 
Fairy! Yoonmin AU
4 Gold Coins For Your Trust w/ Jimin
The Storm
Worst Case Scenario w/ J-Hope
Truth or Dare w/ Rapmon & J-hope (smut)
Together in the Rain
F reak at Night
water, fire, earth, air
Because I Love Her
Drifting Hands
Under The Stars
Werewolves Aren’t Real: Part 1 | Part 2
Sweet Love (smut)
Don’t Tell Them
Hide & Seek
War Zone (smut)
Forever w/ Rapmon (For Now; Part 2)
In The Morning (smut)
perfect blue | perfect blue; zero

Requited Crush 
Can I have this dance? 
The Meaning of Love 
The Artist (smut) 
Birthday @ N Seoul Tower 
remember me 
Dry Series; Hoseok (smut) 
This Isn’t The End 
I Hate Your Job (w/ Suga) (smut) 
A Secret (smut) 
Well This is Embarrassing 
It Has to be Perfect 
No Shame 
It Was an Accident! w/ V 
The First Snow
Worst Case Scenario w/ Suga
Truth or Dare w/ Rapmon & Suga (smut)
Thirty Six Degrees
In The Studio (smut)
Bulwark w/ Namjoon
You And Your Two Left Feet
The Way They Do
A Lover’s Warmth
Watch Us w/ V (smut)
City Stars
“Where’s My Boyfriend?” w/ Suga
Celestial Being AU

Threesome w/ Jin  (smut) 
Santa Baby 
The Difference Between Heat and Warmth 
Hip-Hop Lover 
and we long to be free one day 
Dry Series; Namjoon (smut) 
Only Friends 
An Experiment 
Deceived &nb sp;
Until It’s Gone 
Painted Memories 
the days of you and I 
7 Days
0.1 Friends
Truth or Dare w/ Suga & J-Hope (smut)
Cherry Wine
彼岸花 [bǐ àn huā]
Secret Love
For Now w/ Suga 
The Hypocrite 

"If there are no more stars in the sky what would you do?" Jimin asks "It doesnt matter. The only star i need is right here." At Taehyungs reply the other members groan "Get a room!" Jimin blushes,the unexpected answer leaving him flustered "I-Tae-"

“This is my room. Why the fuck are all of y’all here?” Taehyung says in the most deadpan voice, face completely blank. 

“This is the LIVING ROOM, Tae. Nice try.” Yoongi rolls his eyes.

“Thank you!” Taehyung chirps in a happy smile as if he didn’t just lie through his teeth. 

“You don’t want us to go into another room,” Jimin says ever so nonchalantly. 

“And why is that?” Yoongi raises his eyebrow at the notoriously cheeky boy. 

Jimin smirks and wiggles his eyebrows. “If we go in another room, you’re gonna hear us anyway~”

Yoongi’s face immediately grows sour and contorted. “Oh God, I did NOT need the visual.” 

“Exactly.” Taehyung puts his arm around Jimin, kissing his cheek. “This isn’t that bad in comparison~”


Originally posted by jinmini

- Devi :D

hiii! I really love your writing, and I was wondering if you could write a scenario where namjoon is nervous about showing you his bare face (without makeup) for the first time in your relationship? And maybe you're the one who takes it off or something? Idk, I just wanted an insecure namjoon and a super fluffy scenario. Thank you in advance!! ^^

Hope you enjoy, love! 
- Devi :D


Originally posted by ksjknj

[Warning: mature themes, would not recommend for under 15 tbh]

Word count: 1683

skin {fluff sort of}

Keep reading

can you please do a 3 sentence fic of overprotective jungkook coddling you after you're discharged from the hospital?

“Are you hungry? Do you want me to go get you some kimbab from that corner store? Oh, wait, you need something more substantial right? Should I go to the grocery store to make you some Samgyetang? Or would you rather not eat something so healthy? I can get you a slice of cake and a boba? Ok, how ‘bout a back rub? Or a foot rub? Should I turn on the TV? What abo-”

You’d never seen your boyfriend, the mischief maker Jeon Jungkook, quite like this before, all frantic and attentive, and even though you were slightly annoyed as you continued to shake your head “no” at his every question, you were secretly amused, and maybe even touched.

“Jungkook,” you interjected, “I’m fine, trust me! It’s just a broken arm. It’s no big deal,” you pat the space next to you on the couch, “If you want to help me, just sit down and let me use your shoulder, okay?” and he smiled a s he followed your request. 


- Devi :D

Hi, I really love your blog! Can I please request a smut with Yoongi or Jimin, where their girlfriend is a virgin and they "do it" for the first time? I would love you so much, thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Been a minute D: but I’m back now, so enjoy, love! 
- Devi :D


Word Count: 2851

[Warning: Explicit Content]

in the morning [smut]

I don’t know why I didn’t expect something out of the ordinary to happen when my night started off as something pretty out of the ordinary.

Keep reading

"Hey!" You look at the boy in front of you and gasped "Apollo!" His smile is as bright as the sun,blinding you momentarily and the fact that you were mugging for greek mythology didnt help either. He laughs in amusement "Apollo?where?! I'm Hoseok"

“Hoseok?” you say in a perplexed voice, squinting your eyes innocently at him as if his countenance really were the sun. You lightly slap your forehead, giggling sheepishly. “OH, my bad!” Your voice crescendos but quickly morphs back into a whisper as you cup your hand around your mouth as if you’re trying to stop others from hearing you. “You see, I had a liiiiiittle too much Pinot Noir earlier.” You straighten yourself up, brushing the non-existent lint off your shirt. “It’s a simple mistake to make, though,” you continue casually, “you do smile brighter than the sun.”

The whole time, the boy named Hoseok simply watches you in subtle amusement masked behind a typical smile of his. “It’s okay, Artemis!” He chuckles softly.

“My name is Y/N!” you correct with an insincere huff of annoyance. 

“Oh my bad! I got confused because your eyes are prettier than the moon.” No, this was not too cheesy as far as Hoseok is concerned, in case you were wondering. 

You shake your head. “Maybe I’m not the only one here who drank too much wine.” 


- Devi :D

Approve of what? *swiftly hides sign behind back* ~Taehyung

I don’t know what you’re talking about Tae O.O 


- Devi ;A;